Thursday, April 28, 2011


This is what i found on my window a couple weeks ago.

No i still haven't washed my car, and yes it is that dirty. I don't want to wash my car because even though i have no idea who did it, it makes me really happy every time i see it :)


This is Bentley, isn't he precious!! I just love him to pieces. I think he is so adorable, unfortunately he is my aunts puppy. She breeds yorkies an plans on selling this litter but i keep begging for him. His original name is Pudge, i always somehow pick out my favorites and of course as you can tell by the name there always the pudgy ones :) I renamed him Bentley because i fell in love an thought the name was perfect! Yorkies are only cute when there little though lol

Since i cant have him i still someday plan to get my dream dog....A Bulldog :)

Easter Sunday

I went with my Grandma to Baysides Easter celebration at Arco (Power Balance Pavilion) it was such a nice service i really did not expect such a turnout. I actually started to miss going to church i might just start going again :)

They gave out glow sticks when you walked in, it was such an amazing sight once they shut the lights off an everyone turned on there sticks. It was nice to see how many people came together to celebrate there love for god on this special day.

My first post :)

So Ive decided to make a blog. I don't really have much to say but i have a feeling my life is about to get pretty interesting, so why not start now? I guess ill just start with some exciting things that have happened recently....